Wednesday, March 10, 2010

News of interest; Metal band member arrested for blasphemy in Poland

Lead vocalist/guitarist Adam Darski{stage name/pseudonymn "Nergal"} of Polish-born international blackened death metal band "Behemoth" has been arrested for blasphemy in Poland for calling catholicism the most murderous cult in history and for tearing up Bibles on stage and for egenerall alla round black/death metal shock value/blasphemy.

Here is a link about it- "Behemoth Frontman Nergal Arrested For Bible Shredding Incident": 

And this just on the heels of his engagement to Polish pop star Doda{real name: Dorota Rabczewska}.

Revealed Religion once again strikes against reason and liberty and seeks special privelage for protection from offense, and ocne again imposes its collective will on everyone else and punishes people for stupid reasons. Revealed Religion rears it's ugly head and chomps down on freedom...what else is new?

My best wishes to Nergal{real name Adam Darski}and hopes that he wins his freedom againmst this theocratic tyranny!

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