Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Deist Bus campaign slogan ideas???

~We Deists should start a Deist bus campaign with slogans like this, just as atheists have.

We can't let the new atheists and the revealed religionists dominate the debate about fait...h/religion vs reason/science/etc.~

"Millions are rational and believe in God"/ "Believe in God as well as reason and science? You are not alone".

Try "Deism"{or PanDeism/PanenDeism}.
Feel free to share quote/slogan ideas that can be referanced and maybe sued IF the Deist movement ever gains the ground the Atheist movement has.

Monday, November 22, 2010

"The PanDeist Theorem" by Robert G.Brown.

A logical, mathematical essay on the plausability of a PanDeist/PanenDeist God.
"The PanDeist Theorem":
Robert G. Brown 2010-03-07

P.S. Robert G.Brown and this blog are in no way connected, I just found this essay and thought it would be an interesting, thought provoking thing to share here.