Monday, March 22, 2010

Deist "Out Campaign"

Hey Deists: why don't we start, hold, and have a Deist "Out Campaign", as well as annual celebrations of some sort, like the out campaign our friends in the new atheists have. Atheists are coming out of the closet, Deists as fellow rationalists and freethinkers should Join Atheists and also Agnostics and come out. We and our view(Deism) too are the subject of persecution and misunderstanding{particularly by revealed religionists/theists, but even sometimes by our freethinking kin- atheists}. But Deists have much to be proud for, Deists have made many great and positive contributions and Deists as well as the philosophy of Deism itself have had great influence in bringing the enlightenment to fruition. We should step out of the closet and make our voices known and the philosophy of Deism known as a rational freethinking alternative viewpoint.

The Atheist "Out Campaign" has a symbol and website and a mobilized movement. I would like to see us achieve the same. So, if anyone knows how we can achieve this and perhaps some prominent deist thinker can create and maintain a site{someone with enough money obviously; or a set of people perhaps} and hopefully deists who are of influence will make their deism known and promote this movement and philosophy and also this deist "out campaign" idea, for which a symbol will be needed; Atheists use that stylized red 'A", perhaps Deists could sue a stylized Red{or some other colour?} "D", or maybe another symbol. In either case someone would have to design it.

Anyways, I just noticed on facebook some atheist friends setting up their red "A" symbol for the next week to promote their out campaign and this idea dawned on me that we too should do something similar.

This would apply to the categories of modern deism; including simply "Deism", as well as types of "PanDeism
& "PanenDeism".

Thoughts, advise, ideas?


  1. I`m atheist and i`m still afrair to reveal my beliefs .Most of my friends and family would shun or disown me .

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  3. Thanks Knuje
    ; )

    I sympathize, we deists have it pretty much just as hard in this respect. Honestly I myself individually did'nt care what my family/friends thought, but that's just me. Because I did pay some price for coming out, my best wishes to you in figuring out and when to let them know and I hope they respond better than you think they will.
    : )